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Sashimi 生魚片 - 美食英語筆記 002

The Proper Way to Eat Sashimi
sashimi 生魚片
raw 生的
sushi 壽司
wasabi 芥末
spice 辣
sauce 醬汁
soy sauce 醬油
dip 涮、浸、蘸
snapper 鯛魚
salmon 鮭魚
tuna 鮪魚
slice 切片
daikon / daikon radish 白蘿蔔
shiso leaves 紫蘇葉
utensils 餐具
chopsticks 筷子
plate 盤子
platter 大盤子

What I know about sashimi is that it's fresh raw fish, and that it's cut up, and it's served in a platter.

Step1:lay out your sashimi piece   將你的生魚片展開
Step2:put a little wasabi on top 在上面加些許芥末
Step3:fold the fish over wasabi  將魚片對折包起芥末
Step4:light dip into soy sauce  輕沾一下醬油